Editing, Part…4?

We’ve finally finished the read-out-loud portion of editing, and Beneath the Crust is approaching 305 pages in the final cut. It’s almost ready to hit the presses…


And, for your entertainment, a snippet of character development from a supporting character:

“It’s another five kilometers…assuming we are going the right direction and assuming we don’t have to take a lot of detours.” Marge scurried to keep up with Kip’s long stride.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a pessimist?” Kip wondered aloud for the others’ benefit.

“I’m a realist, honey. That means I tell it like it is.” She stopped hurrying to light up a cigarette. The entire trip across the ocean Kip had never seen her light up. She smiled inwardly.

“So you welcome death,” Daniel asked from behind them.

“No, honey. I just expect it. That doesn’t mean I give it a gift basket.” She coughed and blew a ring of smoke back over her shoulder. Kip covered her mouth, stifling a chuckle at Daniel’s expense.