Steampunk World: June 1 Edition

Aloha! It’s the 1st of June and thoughts turn to the beach, summer, icy drinks and wild inventions designed to take a load off, cook dinner and cool the house all with one series of pulleys and levers…

Well, that last part might not apply to everyone.

For this first of many future Friday Steampunk World posts, I wanted to feature some summer fun–what better way to do that than to start with sunny Hawaii? If you’re looking for a getaway, make sure you check out this place:

It’s a Victorian Mansion in Hilo, but don’t ask about the price tag!

Make sure you pack a bathing suit:

Image credit Library of Congress

In other news, which I am really late in delivering, Sony has gone Steampunk. You can see lots of details by the creator in this awesome video, and I hear this thing has already been all over the place. Most of us wish we were as well traveled.

Be sure to pick up some shades–the sun promises to be hot this year. Check out these beauties:

Swiss Army Goggles

The linked website is one of the cheaper places I’ve seen them. They’re Swiss military goggles from WWII, and apparently they made way more than they needed. They have glass lenses and if they have black paint they are usually brass underneath. I’m working on modifying my pair (the cloth strap is flimsy). One of my coworkers (who isn’t even into Steampunk) bought a modified pair on Ebay because they “looked cool.”

Or, if you are looking for more traditional sunglasses.

Since it is summer time, many of us are looking forward to doing fun things in the sun. I know the Colorado Steampunks are planning their annual raid of the Colorado Renaissance Festival on June 9th. You’ll see me there, with my little one! Many wonderful photographs are to be expected. Ay-Leen the Peacemaker has an amazing list of June Conventions worldwide, if you want to travel.

This page reads like a sales blog, but how else do you find out about all the cool stuff out there? Have a safe and wonderful summer!


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