Wednesday: Adventures and Travel!

As my ever helpful wife will frequently remind me, you can’t really plan adventure. Fortunately, that’s what smart phones are for.

Last week on Friday, while rushing around like a maniac trying to get everything together for our early morning trip Saturday, we ran out of gas. We were roughly four miles from home, and one mile in each direction from a gas station. Ironically, we’d just come from the land of evil yellow smilies and blue vests, but they didn’t have gas, naturally.
Our gas can was at home because we’d recently mowed the lawn, so we packed the baby in the stroller and walked. It was about 78 degrees F and a pleasant enough day.

Somehow I (mostly) managed to restrain myself from mentioning to Jamie that we wouldn’t have driven past three gas stations if she wasn’t so intent on getting some new shows for the Leadership conference we were at on Saturday. She (mostly) managed to avoid mentioning that I am a grouch when things don’t go my way.

Two hours, $15, 3.5 miles, four gas stations, a Target and a grocery store later, we finally made it back to the car with two gallons of gas and got her back on the road.

The highlight of the event happened in Safeway. We were standing in line with the gas can and the baby’s stroller.

Lady behind us: “Is that in case your buggy runs out of gas?”

Jamie: “Oh! No, we just ran out of gas ourselves.”

Lady: “Oh no! Do you need a ride?”

Me: “No, we’re fine, it’s just down the road at Chambers and Smoky Hill. Thanks, though!”

As we’re leaving to cross the street and get gas at Safeway’s gas station, Jamie pipes up.

Jamie: “You just don’t like accepting help from anyone, do you?”

Me: “I’m autocratic.”

Jamie: “…What?”

Me:  “It means I like to do things myself under stressful situations.”

Jamie:  “….”

Me: “So, no, I don’t like accepting help, ok?”

That was Friday. Then, Saturday morning, we almost didn’t make our plane. The flight attendant lectured us that “For this airport we recommend being at least an hour and a half early.” I didn’t tell him that if they hadn’t strip searched us for the apple sauce packet, we’d have been on time. (Note, I am exaggerating. They actually made Jamie put more clothes on).

But! On Sunday, we went to the beach with Aubrianna, and she had a wonderful time watching the waves and trying to eat rocks. We found a new (well, new to us) little cove to go looking for treasures the next time we’re in at low tide.

What are your adventures like during the summer? The Colorado Renaissance Festival is opening this weekend, which means buy-one-get-one-free tickets for opening weekend. Jamie and I are still debating whether we will go, but the Colorado Steampunks will be making a big appearance.
In other news this week, if you’re in the Denver Metro area, apparently the Southlands Mall runs some cool free open air events during the summer. On Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30 they have a kid’s event called Kidtopia with a different special interest group every week. This week’s guest is the Butterfly Pavilion, and we’ll be there with Aubri. On Fridays from 6:00p-8:00P they have open air concerts–this week is Heartbeat, an interesting band we met at Galaxy Fest I believe.
If Sundays are more your style, there are Jazz Concerts in City Park from 6pm onward running until August 5.

How is this adventure, you ask? Well, music and people are always an adventure. But if you are looking for something a little more wild and crazy, like a river escapade or a great mountain path, those tips come later. I have lots of fun surprises to reveal to you and my wife throughout the summer.


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