Monday: Family and Relationships: A Reflection

So sorry this was not posted on time! I thought I had it saved with the scheduled date, but apparently I only saved a draft… It won’t happen again!

Today is Monday, and with Monday comes a discussion of relationships–also the usual Monday frustrations, forgetting to get off at the right exit, etc.

This past weekend was Gay Pride weekend here in Colorado, one of many celebrations across the nation during what some dub “Pride month.” I also recently found out that Tokyo has a huge Pride celebration, but it’s in April, so we’ll have to miss it when we visit.

Jamie and I always try to make an appearance, and we are always surprised at how many supportive people are there. Granted, like many towns, Denver likes the excuse to have a party where booze is involved. But it’s still nice to see people making some kind of effort. More importantly, I think a lot of people need to see that they have support everywhere–even from companies who don’t appear to be supportive.

But my topic today is more about family pride.

Aubrianna Willow turned 1 year old yesterday, and things like losing the infancy of your first child will make you pause to reflect on the year, and your relationship with your child. She’s saying many words fairly clearly and trying to say more. She’s walking, if you aren’t looking. And most importantly, she’s waltzed into the hearts of many dozens of individuals. Jamie and I occasionally exchange glances and wonder what we were thinking (Aubri has uncanny timing for waking up during intimate moments), but we share many more moments where something amazing Aubri has just learned to do tugs at our heart strings.

Which brings me to my thoughts for the day. Spend time with your family. You might have heard it said; What good is it for a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?
Zig Ziglar said “I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.”

Of course, that takes effort. We talked about date nights before, but it’s more than just date nights. Every week we try to go on a new adventure to a park, mountain, or trail we haven’t visited before. We usually treat Sundays as family days–everyone has a different day that might work for them. What are the rules? No errands, no business. We get away and try to turn off the electronic devices.

And eat dinner together. We have two dining tables and a kitchen counter bar, and a habit of eating together in the living room–but we cook dinner together and we eat together. Aubri might not appreciate it much now, when she’s too young to help cook. But when she’s older she’ll know that she can talk to her moms. And that’s more important than catching up on the news or the game while we eat in different rooms.

You don’t have time, you tell me. You don’t have time for a heart attack or divorce, either. Neglect your heart and you neglect your health. They will not always forgive you for forgetting to call.

On a more positive note, we shot an adorable wedding with fun beautiful people on Saturday. It’s always refreshing to hear unique vows. They’ve been together a long time and this is her third marriage, but his first. Everyone cried–including two of her three teenagers. The wedding was up at Snow Mountain Ranch, which was a surprisingly nice facility considering its status as a YMCA. I got a few country songs stuck in my head, but the message I took away can be summed up with a few songs:

“I hope you dance,” Lee Ann Womack.
“Dance With the One That Brought You.” Shania Twain
“One More Night.” Diamond Rio

One day I hope my wife starts reading my blog so she can catch me being sweet and cheesy and I’ll get points for it.
That’s my other piece of advice–plan romance, spontaneous romance only happens with practice!


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