Wednesday: Travel and Adventure: Under the Big Blue Dry Thing!

OK, weird title for a Wednesday, but I was feeling rather dehydrated after the sudden heat wave we’ve been experiencing in Denver.

So, since it’s the middle of the week, we’re gradually approaching the weekend, and a few amazing adventures of our own. Friday, Pixar’s Brave comes out. We’re exceptionally excited because it’s a first Pixar original story, AND it’s the first story Pixar has done with a female primary protagonist. Plus, Pixar is awesome, so go watch the trailer if you haven’t seen it. We’re going to take Aubri with us to the theater. She has actually seen several movies (Captain America, Lorax, Avengers, one other I can’t remember right now) and the only one she got too vocal for was Avengers. She wanted to talk every time something blew up.
So, we’ll see how she does–this will be one of our own adventures.

In other news, as the summer is kicking off, so are the “Stay cool in the heat” sort of events. One such is the Winter Park Chocolate Festival. Admission is free, if you don’t count the long drive to get there. We’ll be there Saturday, and we are excited about seeing some of our favorite chocolatiers¬† again. We picked one at the Denver Chocolate Festival (held the Fri/Sat before Mother’s Day) to get some truffle gift sets for our hosts in Japan. Now we just have to place the order–truffles don’t keep well on the shelf, and not just because we eat them.

If you just want to get away for a while and let your kids run screaming through various water spurts, but you don’t want to pay WaterWorld $45 for the privilege to sit on their benches, try one of Aurora’s “water parks.” Southlands has two–a sprayground in front of the AMC theater, and a series of raining mushrooms closer to Barnes and Noble. Aubri loves water, so she got to run through the mushrooms (with Momma’s help, of course) yesterday. Thank goodness–it was 95 degrees in the shade. There’s also a sprayground up at Great Plains Park, where Iliff turns into Jewell just past Tower. I haven’t tried that one yet, but we might this week.

One of my favorite hiking areas has a river running through it. We went a couple months ago to Castlewood Canyon State Park. The river keeps some of the rocky areas cooler, but expect it to be hot. The nice thing is that most of the trails are easy-to-moderate, even with a kid, but you can go scrambling wherever you like. I picked up lots of nice petrified wood in the river–shhh. It’s a state park though, so entry is $7. There are plenty of picnic tables around at the parking lots. Check the park map to see all the hiking routes–the cave trail is cool just for seeing what rain does to rock conglomerates.

If the outdoors aren’t your style… Well, I don’t really know how to help you, but I hear indoor skydiving is fun. Or you could head over to Enchanted Grounds for some board games.

Try to stay cool in this heat!


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