Wednesday: Adventure and Travel: Heat Waves

This time next week I’ll be on a plane, very close to landing at Haneda airport in Tokyo. With that in mind, after next Monday’s post, posts will be premeditated unless I somehow get the time to edit them with Japan news. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, the heat waves are getting worse. Here in Colorado we currently have eight major forest fires raging. People in my neighborhood are contemplating fireworks, and my local police department is contemplating $1000 fines for sparklers. I’m glad we’re getting out of the heat–although it will be a situation of getting out of the frying pan and into the pot of boiling water, so to speak.

In the mean time, what are you doing to keep cool? Monday’s high was 102F here in Denver. For once, I am grateful for the enthusiastic AC in my office building. If you want a little more adventure than refrigeration can offer, though, I’ve compiled a list of thoughts for the best ways to cool down:

10. Running in the Sprinkler
Coming in last, but still an all-time favorite (unless you are into water conservation), run through the sprinklers. If you have kids, you can pretend it’s to keep them company. Don’t have kids? Borrow some. Don’t have a sprinkler? Local parks are always watering at inappropriately hot times:

9. Enjoy some FroYo at your local Frozen Yogurt establishment.
If you don’t know what FroYo is…you’re probably from somewhere less hippy-infested than Colorado. Try icecream. Or gelato.

8. Wash your car.
You’ll get wet. The dog will get wet. And then it will rain (we hope).

7. Hit the Pool.
If you don’t have a pool in your apartment complex/neighborhood rec center, you can always have the family dog dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water. Warning: This is only good for a few minutes.

6. Get to higher ground
Ironically, even though hot air rises, higher elevations tend to have cooler climates. If you’re in the Denver Metro area, Mt. Evans is less than an hour away and has a forecast 17F cooler than here in town. Don’t go south or north though, there be fires in them thar hills.

5. Go Boating.
There’s little in this world more satisfying than the wind in your hair, the water rushing underneath your craft… Wash Park has boats for hire, if you want to paddle your way along. You can also rent kayaks at places like Confluence Kayaks, or bend the definition of boating a bit and go rafting.

4. Fill Your Pool With Soda.
Wait, what? Don’t actually do this:

3. Go Cliff Jumping.
Not to be confused with jumping off a cliff. Here’s an example up at Guffey Gorge. Good for cooling off if only for the chill running down your spine.

2. Hit the Beach.
If you live in Colorado, your definition of “the beach” is probably either Water World or the Cherry Creek Reservoir. I recommend expanding your definition to include riverbanks.

1. Take a Cruise.
Jamie recommends the Alaskan Cruise–you’ll cool off, alright!


Obviously, some of my preferred methods for cooling off require water–I wonder why that is? If you live in the desert, I recommend that you try splitting a cactus to cool off. Good luck, and stay out of the heat!


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