Friday: Steampunk World

We’re back! Hopefully tonight we’re going to go see the final Batman movie–there’s a true Steampunk hero (sortof), if you want to talk about action and gadgets and advanced technology. The older Batman movies were more accurate in that respect, but he’s certainly always been pulp fiction at its finest.

Now that we’re most of the way through July, thoughts of August and the Denver County Fair ring in our ears. Luminous Thread’s season is getting into full swing, and we will be putting on a bit of a music performance at DCF on Friday afternoon at the Geek Pavilion. On Saturday evening at the Geek pavilion the Colorado Steampunks will be putting on an amazing show, and look for our actors at the Unsinkable Molly Brown dunk tank all weekend!

In other news, as the weather cools down (I know, I laughed when I wrote that too), the free events heat up, and expect an awesome fundraising tea with guest star Rubiee from Pandora Celtica coming soon!

Today, hopefully, will mark the first real post update from Japan–if it doesn’t get updated (we are talking about some serious jet lag here), get excited about this:


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