Friday: Steampunk World: News and New Toys

Greetings, anachronauts! Today we explore a variety of news in the Steampunk World. Since it’s still hotter than hot in the real world, I give you a rather creepy collection of photos on pinterest. I wish I could claim them, but the collector has a fascination with morbid photos, I believe.

Bruce Boxleitner (Tron and Babylon 5) was at the Denver and San Diego Comic Cons, and he revealed a new project he’s working on–Lantern City. It’s a mainstream purely Steampunk (according to sources) fan-made TV series. He’s hoping to bring participation and more spotlight attention to Steampunk, which is pretty cool. Incidentally, Babylon 5 was my favorite SciFi series ever, so I am really looking forward to this project. Watch his interview, he really compliments our community!

Also, Steampunk Holmes, a new interactive game for iPad, is looking for beta testers. Go check it out!

Another group,, is putting together a “Steampunk Business Directory” that is worth checking out if you’re building up your business. It’s a way for creators to have their name in the white pages, so to speak. It’s free, so that’s a plus.

If you’re interested in mainstream Russian-inspired Steampunk, check out this new fall collection by Banana Republic. It’s inspired by the Keira Knightly movie coming out, Anna Karenina. Banana Republic occasionally has awesome Steampunk-inspired accessories (IE men’s vests), so I am excited to see some women’s wear fall into that category.

The Steampunk Haunted House is developing a new story this year, and I hope it will inspire someone in Colorado to do a similar project. Denver does love its themed haunted houses, and this seems tantalizing.

Finally, if I haven’t mentioned it before, the Da Vinci Machines Exhibit is open at the Denver Pavilions. It’s $14 for adults, but what I saw from the windows looks like an exceptional display. Many of the displays are reported to be interactive, so this is a good time to get an idea for your next working device.

Until next week, my friends, stay steamy!


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