Wednesday: Travel and Adventure!

This weekend (starting on Friday) will mark a new adventure for our rowdy crew–I’ll be in the dunk tank at the Denver County Fair, and we’ll also be auctioning picnic baskets and performing some musical numbers on stage. Well, the group will be singing. I’ll save you all that travesty from me.

I’m not a huge fan of the term “staycation,” but it’s worth exploring the travel options from around the Denver Metro Area, since it’s hot outside and we all want to enjoy what’s left of the summer. If you’re interested in getting around the Victorian way, try renting a bicycle from Denver B-Cycle. As of this posting it’s only $20 for a 7-day rental, which is definitely worth it. Cruise around town in style and enjoy what Denver has to offer. Boulder also participates in the program.

A good place to test out that bike: Washington park. Or better yet, Cheesman park. Just don’t ride on this Saturday–walk or run over to Cheesman and join Jamie, Aubri and me with Team Starbucks on the Aids Walk Colorado! Aubri is going to help us walk for the cure and show people that it isn’t over!

One of my favorite places to spend a lazy summer afternoon is the South Platte River Trail, downtown along the river. I usually cut across the park and over to Union Station, and the pictures are worth the walk. If you go on Sunday all the downtown meters are free, but if you park on 15th past the general businesses (like Savory Spice Shop, mmm) the street parking is free all the time. Just don’t park in the REI lot, unless you’re looking for mountaineering gear.

Finally, a free day to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is coming up on Sunday! Gather up your adventurers and wander the halls of myth and legend… or just ask at the front desk for a guide to the gnomes of the museum. You won’t regret the silly scavenger hunt.


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