Wednesday: Travel and Adventure: The Fog of Summer

Hello all! I apologize for missing Monday–the haze of the Denver County Fair just completely overwhelmed me. We had a great time, though! I hope some of you got to see our fashion show!

This weekend we had some great adventures–especially on Sunday morning, from about 12am to 4am. We took a brief nap and then got up to watch the meteor shower, Perseid. We saw about 43 meteors from 3am-4am. It was totally worth driving out into the middle of nowhere and having a picnic on the hood of the car. We got some cool pictures, but I left them at home, so I’ll have to post them next week.

Since we’re fast approaching the end of the summer, you should know that August is a blue moon month. The Farmer’s Almanac is a bit up in the air about what officially counts, but since there are two full moons in August, I’d say that counts. I recommend planning a Once in a Blue Moon party–I know I intend to have some fun with corny astronomy games and themed drinks.

As for the rest of the summer, if you’re looking for something pleasant to do in the evenings, check out Film on the Rocks. Movies at Red Rocks, not bad. There’s a big musical festival this Saturday at Casselmans, benefiting the families of the Aurora Victims.

I expect we’ll see a bunch of corn mazes and such cropping up soon. In the mean time, my own personal little adventure will be prepping my garden to become a home made greenhouse.

Keep cool and stay green!



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