Friday: Steampunk World: AnomalyCon!

It’s Friday, and upcoming events are on my mind! Mostly because today is the first day of AnomalyCon 2013: All Things ‘Punk!

For the tiny handful who read this blog but don’t know, I am the CEO of Victorian Productions, the company who runs AnomalyCon. We also have done an amazing pulp fiction podcast, called Radio STEAM. It’s out of production at this time, but there are four full seasons of hilarity for downloading.

I’m excited about the convention this year. We have a variety of business/art/writing workshop oriented panels that we haven’t been able to provide before, and over 9 full tracks of programming. We are expecting a great number of people, and we have more special guests than ever before. Badges are only $35 at the door for the entire weekend. The convention is at the DoubleTree DTC at Orchard and I25.

Jon Magnificent will be performing–and he is. He will also be running our tea dueling event. The Lego Contest is on again, and a Murder Mystery is afoot! Our program is a full 20 pages–bigger than ever before! We have junior mad scientist programming this year, as well–don’t miss out.

Also, I’ve been published in an anthology–Penny Dread Tales Volume III–that will be hitting the shelves at AnomalyCon this year!

Someone asked me recently what my goal for the convention is–what we want out of. Well, besides a convention that we would want to attend.

I want a convention that gathers together brilliant and successful minds, to teach writers how to improve their writing and market themselves. I want artists to be able to come together and learn how to make a life for themselves, to escape the “starving artist” moniker. I want makers and recyclists and creators to come together and make green sexy again. And through it all, I want to see the thread of acceptance, style, and equality that pervades the idea of Steampunk.

And so, AnomalyCon was born.

I hope you all can join me this weekend! We have amazing things in store!


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