Wednesday: Reading Between the Lines:

Recently I was perusing a local Barnes and Noble, and was very disappointed to find their Gay/Lesbian section had about 4 books in it. 2 were about or by Ellen Degeneres.

Those of you who have read Beneath the Crust or any of my short stories (A League Below together with the Penny Dread Tales III was nominated for a Bram Stoker, by the way) know that I write female protagonists who love women. Some of them come to that conclusion within my books, some of them knew before the book started. I am doing research to dig up other sci-fi/fantasty novelists who write GLBT issues into their books.

Guy Anthony de Marco pointed me toward Caitlin R Kiernan, who has way more LGBT credentials than I do and is published by Roc Books. I am thinking I will pick up one of her books (Probably Threshold) and read up.

Guy also suggested I start writing young adult/new adult fiction with some self discovery in it–in other words, science fiction that might help kids coming out realize it’s OK to do so. I’m working on a short story to that effect, but more is never bad. Time to add another project to the pile.

Perhaps this is one of the things that drew me to Steampunk–not that my stories are all Steampunk, mind you. But it is wonderful to have a genre that bends the era’s rules about relationships. People can be people–mad, brilliant, beautiful, stylish people. But still people.


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