Friday: Steampunk World!

This weekend the team at AnomalyCon headquarters is headed over to Phoenix Comicon to check out some new guest options, see the cast of Babylon 5 for their 20th anniversary, and meet the crew of the Wild Wild West convention down in AZ.

The PCC website has a rather convoluted schedule that categorizes half of their programming as Steampunk–including Author chair dancing, AMVs, and a bunch of other random stuff. This leads us to an argument that has frequently occurred surrounding AnomalyCon: What IS Steampunk?

Well, as Regretsy likes to point out, it certainly is not this: Indian Squaw Loincloth Skirt. Yep. With computer parts. We actually had a “Native American Steampunk” with a headdress show up to AC this year. I’m not sure how I felt about that.

AnomalyCon/Victorian Productions define Steampunk as “A concept that embodies the idea that steam-powered or kinetic energy exists with advanced or alternate technology in a time outside of its own. It encompasses the aesthetic other than the modern, the idea that the common man can create technology using the objects around him, and a bit of the fantastical unknown.”

We’re not sticklers. Victorian Science Fiction just doesn’t cover enough ground. That’s why our 2013 theme was “All Things Punk.” We had a great time with it.

Separately, though, we are looking forward to establishing relationships with some other conventions. Denver Comic Con is talking  about having us come in and run Steampunk paneling all weekend next year. And while I can’t promise there will be no author chair dancing, I CAN promise that the Steampunk portion of our programming will be at least as much fun as it is at Starfest and MileHiCon.

In other news… Steampunk Legos are COMING. Which means the lego contest at AnomalyCon this year is going to be even more amazing.

And finally…though this may not be news to you, the African Martial Arts in the Victorian era were pretty awesome. See this article.

Stay Steamy, my dears–and check out the guests we have already announced for AnomalyCon!


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