Top 10 Steampunk Travel Destinations: #10: Berlin

For the next few weeks we’ll be doing things a little differently. I’ll still be posting my usual relationship/business/recipe sort of blogs on Monday and Wednesday, but in addition I will be posting some “Top Ten” lists in Steampunk and Victorian topics. These will be cross-posted to the AnomalyCon media outlets, so welcome to those of you from those outlets!

Today we’re covering #10 on our list: Berlin.

Berlin has a rich history, not the least of which is scattered with the technological advances of several wars. The German crowd has also latched on to Steampunk (Just ask BB Blackdog).

With all of the destruction during WWII, many buildings have been partially rebuilt. You can check out this walking tour company for a good list of architectural marvels from days gone by.

This really cool site has an archive of old city maps by year–you can use these to plan to visit wonders that are still where they once stood.

The Technikmuseum has a history of technology and lots of cool aeronautical devices on display. This is one of the largest museums in the world and has an entire array of planes, trains, and other science gadgets.

The Museum Island has three of Berlin’s most famous museums, as well as a nice walk with coffee houses etc.

Rotes Rathaus is another good choice–what is exploration without a clock tower?

You can’t miss “The Museum,” which is the largest collection of aeronautical devices in the world–including zeppelins.

If you get the chance, visit EuroSteamCon while you’re there!

You should check out this Steampunk Bar while you are in the city.

If you are really interested in Berlin but can’t afford to get there, try taking a virtual tour with these resources:
The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Arounder Berlin
360 Berlin

Stay tuned on Monday for #9, as well as the usual post!

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