Top 10 Steampunk Vacations: #8: Vienna, Austria

Vienna makes our top ten list for those who might be more interested in the arts and music movements than in the technology of bygone eras. Don’t believe me? Watch this 2008 video of Vienna from a Steampunk Lens.

Naturally if you are going to visit, you must start with the building that is in itself an evolution of architecture throughout the course of Vienna’s history–the Historic Centre of Vienna. This gorgeous complex shows aspects of culture from the 11th century until the early 20th century, and includes the Ringstrasse completed in 1900 and dozens of other historical sites. As far as photography is concerned, you would be hard pressed to find more interesting architecture.

Next I recommend that you stop in to Wiener Musikverein to witness a concert played in one of the most famous concert halls in the world–erected in the 1860s and still a musical wonder without the modern use of amplification technology. You can find information (in German) about concerts here on their website. They tend to feature Austrian composers and have a lot of focus on Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven this month. Save a seat for me!

Along with the arts and music also comes one of the more notorious soft sciences–psychology. And with it, Sigmund Freud. As a psychology graduate I’m not overly fond of his obsessions–or methods–but he did open the world’s eyes to the concept of motivation in many ways. His home is a museum and you can explore it on your tour.

The House of Music should be on your list as well, if only for the fun of virtual conducting. It is a museum of music as well as an interactive discovery museum.

Here is a museum that is Victorian both in nature and in age! Established in 1909, the museum is a tribute to all things technical (and particularly transportational).

While you are in Vienna, catch up with the Steampunk in Vienna group. They are a smaller group much like the Colorado Steampunks. In 2012 Vienna was one of the hosts to the Euro Steam Con, and details are not available yet for whether they will be again. If so, September would be a brilliant time to visit! The beautiful architecture and Western European flavor make this #8 on our list. Don’t forget your German translator! auf Wiedersehen!


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