Top 10 Steampunk Vacations: #0! The Moon!

Why a #0? Because the number system really only contains numbers 0-9, and I should’ve made this top ten list numerically accurate…or because someone suggested “The Moon” after I’d already started counting.

How does the moon stack up? Watch this film by George Melies called “A Trip To The Moon,” and tell me every good Steampunk doesn’t want to visit and see the wreckage of 1902. You can see the hand colored version on the Wiki page. Now, go watch the movie Hugo, which is both a glorious representation of Steampunk gadgetry and a wonderful reimagining of Melies.

Let’s move on to the actual lunar landing, which was accomplished using basically a giant version of pong and a bucket of bolts. The original Star Trek (which was also vaguely retro-Steampunk), was higher tech.

Now tell me why Google Maps can’t find your neighborhood haberdashery?

HG Wells and Jules Verne were both appropriately obsessed with the moon. Go read Wells’ The First Men in the Moon and Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon.

Now, go plan your moon trip 

Look at this blog on Steampunk Rocketry for inspiration.

And then build your rocket:

Bon Voyage!


Looking for the rest of the top 10?

#1 – Colorado!
#2 – England!
#3 – Tokyo!
#4 – Michigan!
#5 – San Francisco!
#6 – New England Region!
#7 – New Orleans!
#8 – Vienna, Austria!
#9 – Carribbean!
#10 – Berlin!

Honorable Mentions:
New Zealand’s Steampunk Town


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Steampunk Vacations: #0! The Moon!

  1. Becca Feiner says:

    I’ve heard Mare Imbrium is lovely by Earthlight!

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