Steampunk World Wednesday: Steampunk Kids

Those readers visiting for the first time will be delighted to know that my toddler, now-two-year-old Aubri, has been wearing costumes since she was only a few weeks old. It’s about time I got around to talking about ideas for costuming your really little one, especially where Steampunk is concerned.

I’ll begin by saying it’s almost impossible to avoid having your female child mistaken for a boy when in costume, unless she’s wearing a dress. That being said, finding Victorian-style dresses for babies usually involves shopping for a summer flower girl dress, such as this one or this one. Naturally you’ll want to add accessories, like a miniature parasol, a cute little hat, or some baby-sized goggles.

Now, for baby-sized goggles, I personally raided a stuffed animal–I found a stuffed dog with motorcycle goggles and snagged those for my 7-week-old. If your kiddo is that young, those little wedding teddy bears with tuxes might sacrifice a pinstripe vest (or even spats, if you’re lucky like I was) to dress the kiddo. I also found mini pocket watches on Ebay (made in China, but super cute), such as this one. The nice thing is that they are pretty cheap, so if the kid chews on it you don’t have to worry that much.

Little hats are a lot harder, because the typical clips for mini tophats (which are full sized on some babies) are way too big for most kids’ thin hair. I settled for using “golf/newsboy” caps, because they are frequently available in adorable sizes at places like Babies-R-Us.  

Now, if you want to do accessories like pouches, backpacks, wings…just remember that THIS IS NOT STEAMPUNK. On the other hand, this DIY jetpack could be VERY Steampunk, if you work out some extra accessories. Try cutting out gears from grey or yellow foam, if you have a kid who likes eating inedibles… I’m working on one of these myself, so I’ll post results.

The nice thing about costuming with kids is that they can get away with plastic even better than a grown-up…who’s going to get upset about a three year old with a repainted squirt gun?

The most important part of Steampunk for kids is getting them involved in the creation process. And for the record, if the kid is under 5, you can in fact glue some gears on it and call it Steampunk.

For your reference, a couple of pictures of Aubri’s first costumes:
At two weeks ish:


And then at 7 weeks:


And finally, one of the whole family at AnomalyCon 2013:



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