Japan Day 10: Tokyo Pt. 1

As I mentioned yesterday, we decided to forgo Karuizawa and go straight on to Tokyo to meet up with our host family.

We had a delicious breakfast first at the ryokan in Hakone.

This egg was cooked in the onsen water:


Those braziers are filled with delicious miso. Aubri ate half of mine and spilled a bunch more all over both of us.


Aubri’s “favor” is the crunchy seaweed.


It’s a 15 minute walk and then a 14 minute rail car ride to get to Odawara, and along the way we found this crazy machine.


It makes tiny pancakes filled with white bean paste, and we bought a fresh hot one to try. Very tasty.



Odawara is where shinkansen to Tokyo  take about 45 minutes. We hopped on, but not before getting Aubri a Qoo because the kid loves this stuff and can spot the bottle in a vending machine at 60 paces.


She also showed off her cute a bit. It was pretty heartwarming. She sat down and said “Aubri have two moms. A mommie and a momma!” Snuggles ensued.


So we finally made it back to the more familiar Tokyo station. This is not the largest station in Tokyo by far, but it is closer to our host family’s house than the big Shinjuku.

We found some smelly earrings while we were there.


So we went from Tokyo station to Ueno and hopped a short subway from there to get over to the Minowa area where our host family lives. Tokyo Sky Tower is our landmark star to guide ‘er by:


We’re here!


So Hiro-San found Rapunzel on TV and Aubri basically checked out of reality for the entire length of the movie. I had to go grab us lunch from 7-11 because she refused to budge.


But then we finally got to Asakusa. In Tokyo everything is divided by town areas, in a much more extensive way than the Denver Metro area. Clothing styles and even some food styles are totally different between districts, as though each little suburb pod is its own town.

Asakusa is a pretty touristy location now but used to be the “old style” part of town. It is fun to wander around though.

We found a puffer fish restaurant where dinner is 6,000jpy/plate ($60). Not the deadly puffer fish then.


This guy was doing some sort of a promotion and his handler offered to take a picture of all of us:


Aubri  put her hands in those of the stars at the Asakusa version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We ran into the entire Team Deutschland Gerban Futball team? Jamie thought she heard them say they’re an American-style football team though…


And then Aubri met this dog.



His owner had him so well trained that he handed the leash to Aubri and she walked him for a bit.


We took a few pictures of the Gate of Thunder and Wind Gods before heading back.






And of course we got some ice cream (maron flavor? Macaroon we think maybe?)


And then we saw this crazy contraption on the way back. It looks like a Steampunk music-making bicycle.


And there were blossoms on the way.


Aubri was happy to settle in for a delicious dinner.


Tomorrow we will hit Akihabara and there is a kimono parade in Asakusa, so we should have great pictures.



3 thoughts on “Japan Day 10: Tokyo Pt. 1

  1. Billy Van Ark says:

    Are you planning on going to Tsukiji fish market?

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