Kronda “Ky” Seibert (Pronounced kuh-RON-duh SI-burt) fell in love with science fiction and fantasy at a young age.

And then she grew up and discovered that sanity is the true fantasy of adult life.
In its place she runs AnomalyCon (a steampunk and science fiction convention), works frantically as a systems engineer,
writes in her spare moments, blogs about food and her brilliant daughter, and probably spends too much time with video games.


The credentials are longer and less quippy.

She heralds such greats as Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Harry Turtledove, and Piers Anthony, and likes to think she combines some of the best of all of these into her own special breed of fiction.

Kronda is a wearer of many hats. She began her foray into the realm of running things at a young age, when boredom at local conventions led her to become involved in LARP and volunteering for Operations. Her first real job was behind the scenes with GAMA, the company who runs Origins.

After parting ways with GAMA, Kronda found herself working as an IT Professional, realized she hated it, and continued in the field as a career. She established herself as a photographer and started the company Everyday Miracles Photography, but found herself working too many hours to make a living shooting. To work off the frustration she joined Castle Wall Productions, a theatrical combat troupe, and quickly rose to the rank of Vice President of Operations. It was while performing with this group at the last Opus convention in April of 2009 that she discovered Steampunk.
In September of 2009, Kronda met the local Colorado Steampunks–all 8 of them–and decided that this movement needed a representative. Through creative footwork and reaching out to local publications, the group received international press and developed a reputation for doing fun stuff. After doing a few panels at local conventions, Kronda decided to form a company, Victorian Productions, and recruited a few key members of the Colorado Steampunks to staff. Utilizing this team, Kronda wrote and directed four seasons of Radio STEAM, a pulp fiction podcast drama–with the help of a few guest authors here and there. Kronda also spearheaded the Steampunk and science fiction convention AnomalyCon, which saw its third successful year in 2013.
Kronda is the author of the dystopian alternate history novel Beneath the Crust and the story A League Below in Penny Dread Tales III.

She lives in Colorado with her wife Jamie and their beautiful daughter Aubrianna.

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